Creative Billing Solution

We are passionate about identifying billing relationships business law imagethat make sense for our clients and allow us to be deeply involved in our clients' business. Although we can provide services on an hourly basis for about half the comparable rate of experienced lawyers practicing at large law firms, many of our clients prefer to use creative billing structures that free them (and us) from the pressures of hourly billing and unexpectedly high legal bills. Some examples of these alternative fee arrangements are described here. If you have other ideas about how changing the way you pay your lawyer might meet the needs of your business, we would love to discuss them with you. Below are different ways we can work with your firm:

(1) Fixed Monthly Retainer. For a fixed monthly fee, we will be available as often as you need us. This frees you from imagining a clock running every time you talk to us. It also creates an incentive for you to keep us involved in your business, rather than waiting until a legal problem becomes too big to ignore.

(2) Per-Service Fixed Fee. We can provide any of our services for a fixed, pre-negotiated fee. This gives you certainty about your legal costs and frees us to spend as long as it takes to provide the best legal services possible.

(3) Equity Compensation. Depending on a client's circumstances, we may be able to accept an ownership interest or equity position in the client's business in exchange for discounted hourly rates or other fee reductions.

(4) Deferred Billings. For some clients, particularly strong start-up clients who do not yet have a steady revenue stream, we may be willing to defer your legal fees, in whole or in part, until the business meets certain operational thresholds. Thanks again, and if you have any further question, please feel free to contact me.

Our success stories are many but one of the few success stories we are particularly proud of is as outside counsel is helping one of our clients avoid a devastating sexual harassment charges against one of the key employees. Our aggressive strategies won the EEOC complaint, and we worked with our client to institute a sexual harassment policy. In another example, we represented a start-up Assisted Living Facility to obtain a license, and after the business went into operation, on a particular occasion, our timely intervention prevented a potentially serious legal litigation involving the operation of the facility. In another example, we helped a Nursing School owner stay focused on the business resulting in more student enrollment, and growth.