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Firm Overview

At The Ucheomumu Law Group, LLC, we have a reputation for diligent, foresight and in depth research of the law in representing our clients. Litigation involves primarily paying attention to details and deconstructing complex legal issues into easily comprehensible and simple matter for juries and judges. We glean facts that may not be obvious to others, and we research everything. Then we combined all these rigorous books and gavel image legal work to vigorously representing our clients both domestically and internationally. Because we now live in an ever complex world, and the ever changing different areas of law, at The Ucheomumu Law Group, we have developed a unique holistic approach to always guard our client's interest from start to finish. Furthermore, we litigate in courtrooms and in the court of public opinions by constantly reminding the public about our client's position. We are relentless!

The capabilities of The Ucheomumu Law Group are grounded on the experience and superior intellectual capacity that powers this law firm. From over 20 years of experience in complex international business transactions through outstanding academic scholarships in American jurisprudence, European jurisprudence, Islamic jurisprudence, and other academic fields such as Economics and Political Science, it is not surprising that our clients can expect in depth and creative solutions to their legal representation.

Even when we are not litigating but simply assisting a client in structuring business deals, we always structure deals with litigation in mind. Therefore, we have very specialized and creative advise for our clients on how to structure and navigate both domestic and trans-national business transactions ranging from simple joint ventures, acquisitions and mergers to Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), or reviewing dizzying financing instruments, and oil and gas contracts and litigations.

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