Criminal law is like a movie that begins with the Fourth Amendment through Fifth, criminal law imageSixth and Eight Amendments to the Constitution. In every Criminal Defense

(1) we take a Constitutional approach by painstakingly examining these Constitutional principles, and making sure that the government complied with the commands of our Constitutions;

(2) we examine every piece of government's evidence including the latest research on the reliability of that evidence;

(3) then we watch out for any courtroom conduct that may prejudice our client; and

(4) when applicable, we are ever mindful of the immigration consequences of a criminal conviction.

In other words, when your life and liberty is at stake, we will leave no stone unturned to defend you. Therefore, if you are looking for a quality criminal defense, talk to us before you talk to the police.

When people are charged with crimes that can affect both them and their families, it is essential to have lawyers who can help explain the process, navigate the system and protect their clients' rights. The Ucheomumu Law Group's criminal law attorneys use their knowledge and experience to aggressively defend clients charged with violating the law.

The beginning stage of our representation, we engage in frequent interaction with the client because we believe it will lead us to the best possible results. Our clients are active participants in their own cases and we strive to learn as much as we can about them. After learning about them, we identify character witnesses and use mental health assessments and employment history where appropriate, all of which help us to portray each client as an individual. Especially if the client is convicted, these and other mitigating factors can later help our attorneys in presenting sentencing alternatives, including treatment and rehabilitation options.

Even though we are skilled courtroom advocates on behalf of our clients, often the client's best interests are served through negotiations with the prosecution to obtain lesser charges or penalties. Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge to effectively persuade prosecutors that charges should be reduced or simply dismissed.