Domestic Violence

The Ucheomumu Law Group is proficient at handling sensitive domestic domestic violence imageviolence cases where another party makes false allegations against our client. Our skilled attorneys can assist in evaluating the allegations presented by the accuser and aggressively defend our clients' rights. We have a depth of experience defending clients on the receiving end of restraining orders and peace orders.

These matters also demand counsel by knowledgeable attorneys whose experience is especially relevant for establishing case facts related to physical and forensic evidence, as well as witness testimony. Our attorneys regularly provide such counsel to clients facing domestic violence charges, involving them in the development of case strategies as their cases evolve.

There are many successful stories, but one we are particularly proud of involved the representation we accorded to a client who the District Court issued a final protection order against our client. The client was pro se in the District Court. We appealed the case to the circuit court and won. The final protection order was dissolved.