White Collar Offenses

The Ucheomumu Law Group attorneys assist clients charged with financial crimes, such as embezzlement, tax evasion, etc. These cases are often highly complicated, especially when involving numerous witnesses and financialwhite collar offense image documents. Regardless of the charges our clients face in white-collar matters, we aggressively defend their rights and work closely with each client to formulate brilliant strategies. Our goal is to minimize any negative impact these charges can have on family and professional relationships. In every case, we use our experience with prosecutors to evaluate potential risks and benefits to our clients' participation in grand jury proceedings.

There are critical stages in white-collar criminal defense. At The Ucheomumu Law Group, we think that the most important stage before the actual indictment such as when a client is a person of interest or even a target. We used this strategy to convince a U.S. District Attorney not to indict our client that was a target of the FBI investigation. On a State level, we successfully defended a client charged with white-collar crime, and the State was armed with two signed confessions. Our defense strategies helped our client avoid a conviction. There is no better time to retain The Ucheomumu Law Group than when there is even a hint that the authorities may be investigating or when there are news accounts of some improprieties. Heading off an indictment is a far better strategy than actual defense. But if we have to defend, we leave nothing to chance.