DUI and DWI Traffic Offenses

The most serious traffic offenses we handle for clients are Driving Under the Influence (DUI), Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), auto manslaughter and hit and run. Being charged with these offenses is a life-changing event with far-reaching consequences for ourdui dwi image client and his or her family. We assist clients in both the criminal and administrative aspects of their cases. We aggressively pursue all available defenses, working closely with our clients to formulate strategies to eliminate or reduce jail time or other punitive actions against our clients. Our goal is to keep clients informed about the status of their cases during every step of the process, and aggressively defend their rights.

The Ucheomumu Law Group is well equipped to represent clients charged with traffic offenses. Each of these cases involves a careful evaluation of the evidence and facts available, including witness testimony, police reports and surveillance by traffic cameras where available, as well as breathalyzer, urinalysis and blood test results. Our attorneys rely on a network of external experts who testify as to vehicle speeds and road conditions on our clients' behalf.