Sexual Offenses

At The Ucheomumu Law Group, we sexual offense imageunderstand that allegations of inappropriate sexual conduct have been on the rise, especially as they relate to contact with minors. State and federal authorities aggressively prosecute these crimes, so defending such charges requires aggressive representation by an experienced and knowledgeable attorney.

Often, these charges are used or misused for the purposes of revenge or retribution, which can be motivated by conflict within married, non-married, divorced and separated couples, as well as between estranged family members. Regardless of the allegations against our clients, we address issues of consent, tainted or insufficient evidence and mistaken identity.

In Maryland, we understand the limits of post penetration withdrawal of consent as enunciated by the Maryland Court of Appeals, the States' highest court in seminal case State v. Baby, 404 Md. 220, 946 A.2d 463 (2008)