Dispute Resolution and Litigation

The Ucheomumu Law Group's family law team aggressively dispute resolution imagepursues all reasonable means to achieve our clients' objectives. Our experience in alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation and arbitration, often leads our clients to successful resolution of their divorce or custody dispute outside of court.

Collaboration is an alternate avenue for resolving divorce and custody matters. It requires a commitment from both spouses that they will maintain open, honest communication with an aim of creating solutions that account for both parties' priorities, as well as those of their children. Parties also must pledge that they will not pursue litigation as a means to resolve their dispute. If collaboration fails to resolve a dispute, each party must seek new counsel before going to court. While our attorneys are able to assist clients in the collaboration process, we are also sought after by clients pursuing litigation after collaboration failed to resolve their disputes.

When necessary, we are always prepared to seek judicial relief on our clients' behalf, and are regularly in court to pursue their interests through litigation. Before we take a litigious approach, we discuss with our clients the financial and personal burdens often associated with litigation.

Our depth of experience as trial attorneys and the issues and demands associated with separation, divorce, child support, child custody, domestic violence and the determination and valuation of marital property benefits our clients.