E-Discovery Services

At The Ucheomumu Law Group, we are knowledgeable about complying with, enforcing, and properly handling electronic discovery ("e-discovery"), a real and substantial issue for many disputes litigated through the court system as well as administrative or regulatory bodies. We assist clients in evaluating the benefits and expense of e-discovery in the context of their cases, as well as their individual and business goals.

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As an increasing amount of documentary evidence is obtained through e-discovery, The Ucheomumu Law Group helps clients anticipate areas of exposure in their own body of evidence, as well as that of opposing parties in their dispute. Our attorneys stay current on the evolving case law concerning retention and spoliation of evidence as they relate to e-discovery. We can also maintain relationships with outside vendors specializing in e-discovery whose tools allow us to efficiently preserve, review and produce electronic and hard-copy documents as efficiently as possible. This enables our attorneys to readily advise clients on responsible strategies for responding to discovery requests.

E-discovery necessarily involves responsibilities and potential exposure for parties to a dispute. Proper handling of e-discovery related issues has some common elements for all clients, as well as unique issues for each individual client. At The Ucheomumu Law Group, we assists clients in implementing policies for retention, storage, periodic destruction when permissible, and extraction of electronic documents and data.