General Negligence

The Ucheomumu Law Group's injury law team handles cases whereauto accident image general negligence has caused serious injuries. General negligence means there was a lack of exercising proper or reasonable care toward another person. In other words, an individual fails to observe necessary diligence required of him or her. If an injury was the direct result of the negligence of another person or business, our attorneys have knowledge, resources and years of experience focusing solely in the personal injury arena. We thoroughly investigate each case and properly advise clients of their legal rights and remedies. While each of the categories listed above are also forms of negligence, below we outline additional examples with which our attorneys have experience.

Burns are injuries to skin and bodily tissue caused by heat or radiation, chemicals or electricity. Thermal burns occur as a result of fires, vehicle accidents, as well as heating and electrical malfunctions. An increasingly prevalent form of thermal burn with which our attorneys have experience relates to laser skin treatments. As training and licensing requirements for the "med spas" that provide these treatments vary from state to state, clients injured during a laser treatment have sought our help to obtain compensation for permanent, and often devastating, irreparable injuries.

Many of our clients have suffered serious and permanent injuries through the negligence of a dog owner who fails to properly leash, cage, supervise, train or manage their animal. Unfortunately, children most often suffer these injuries, but our clients have also included adults who, through no fault of their own, have come into contact with an uncontrollable animal. Our attorneys are familiar with the legal requirements necessary to investigate and present these cases.