Civil Rights and Religious Litigations

Religious Litigation:

Under the First Amendment (Bill of Rights), you have the right to practice whatever religion you want provided that it is only a religion and your religious practice does not violate a generally applicable criminal statute. What this means is that while government cannot regulate beliefs, it can certainly regulate some conducts associated with certain religious beliefs. In summary, freedom of religion under the First Amendment is the right to hold any religious belief and to practice those beliefs in any way that does not infringe on the public safety or infringe on important rights of others. Furthermore, you have the right to be free from government control of how you exercise your religious beliefs.

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It is important to know that the First Amendment freedom of religion protects only religion. If an organization is more than a religion, it may not enjoy the First Amendment freedom of religion protection because only religion is protected. Furthermore, if there is no distinction between your religion and politics, it may be a violation of our constitutional separation of church and state. Any association, regardless of whether it is religiously based that seeks to establish a state or does not distinguish between its religious practices and political system may not enjoy the constitutional freedom of religion protection here in the United States because such a religious association is more than a religion.

At the Ucheomumu Law Group, with our knowledge in Islamic Jurisprudence, we offer a unique representation to clients in zoning permit litigation for Islamic institutions. We have scholarly knowledge of Islam and can offer a unique approach to the zoning permit litigations. Our leading attorney's Post Juris Doctorate scholarly work is in "Akham Bougat, Analyzing the conduct of Warfare by the Pakistani Taliban."

Representing Communities: We provide the legal framework to successfully oppose a building permit, if you think that a purported religion is more than a religion that may harm your community. At The Ucheomumu Law Group, we have the knowledge of both the United States Constitutional principles and religious doctrines to make a case that any organization that breaches the wall separating religion and politics is not what our constitution calls "religion" in the First Amendment of our Constitution.

Representing Religious Groups: We also recognize that sometimes statutes and local ordinances may burden religious practices. Whenever a statute burdens your right to practice your religion, call us to evaluate the statute first, and advise you on what legal rights you may have.

We do not hesitate to litigate any claim of religious freedom, and we can put any organization that is more than a religion out of business when such organization seeks our freedom of religion Constitutional protection.